Thank you to all who joined us on June 20th for our Fundraiser Supper in the ‘burbs! Your support for your community is simply amazing!


For five years I had nowhere to go.
It was humiliating and degrading to be identified as homeless,
judged as a source of potential violence or crime, a societal pariah…
— Patricia May

Homelessness not only affects the low income and marginalized members of society; it affects all of those who live within a community and requires a community-wide response. Just Compassion seeks to identify avenues to effectively share information and to develop opportunities for discussion and action to meet the challenges faced by all.

Just Compassion

Just Compassion is a coalition of religious, service, civic and business organizations that have joined together to network and share resources for creating a safe and hospitable environment and a community centered response to the needs of those without homes and those living in poverty in Tigard, Tualatin and Sherwood.

Below are quick links to the key programs and services that Just Compassion provides within the community.

Would you like to learn more about Just Compassion’s efforts to help the homeless?

Watch one of these videos: the first one is a 10 minute introduction, or if time is short, watch the four minute second video which focuses on the property renovation launch. A lot has been accomplished since the project was started in 2017.

To see the great changes that have been made, check out our latest videos here.

Video production courtesy of Jason Weitz of Left Mind Media.