Board of Directors

Executive Team

  • Darla Samuelson
  • Jacob Plug
  • Renee Brouse
  • Frank Ponds

Board Members

  • Carol Herron
  • Donna Krauthoefer
  • Kent Wyatt
  • Rebecca Bloomfield

Day Center Operations & Renovation

  • Rob Watson
  • Sue Stephens

The Board of Directors is focused on implementing five strategic goals. Board members are supported in the implementation by other Just Compassion volunteers. 

Goal 1 Create and Maintain a Thriving Board: Darla (chair), Renee, Jake, Frank
Goal 2 Ensure Stable Revenue: Frank (chair), Donna, Becca, Darla, Kent
Goal 3 Develop Strong Healthy Partnerships: Jake, Renee
Goal 4 Effective Marketing and Branding: Jake, Pam, Darla, Kent
Goal 5 Manage Day Center Operations: Sue, Carol, Rob, Donna