Supper in the 'Burbs

Presented to you by the King City Lions Club

Celebrate with us the opening of a full time Day Center! We are gathering together to enjoy food, fun, and community. The purpose of this event is to fundraise for the Day Center renovation, operating costs, and the upcoming year. There will be options to give, a silent action, live auction, scavenger hunt, and other exciting products and events.  It's and great time to be a part of the Just Compassion community!

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Presenting - 1,000: King City Lions

Honored - 750: Rep. Margaret Doherty

Featured - 500: Sherwood Knights of columbus

Presenting - 100: Matt Vondrachek, Kent Wyatt

Entertainment: Broadway Rose

Beverage Sponsors: Symposium coffee, Rogue Brewery, Hyland Estates, Owen Roe

Restaurant Sponsors: El Guajillo, Fat Milo's, Hungry Heroes, Davidson's Casual Dining, Honey Baked Hams

Special thank you's: Emerson and Emerson (auction/checkout), Trader Joe's (food boxes), Unity Laundromat (laundry day), Tigard United Methodist Church (shower facilities), Tigard Foursquare Church, City of Tigard