It costs $25/day to operate the Just Compassion Resource Center.

"A lot of the homeless feel like they're not parts of society. People look at them, past them, through them."

Just Compassion works with Washington County cities and churches to provide severe weather shelters, showers, access to resources, and help with services like obtaining housing and ID.


We cannot sustain our operations without the support of the community. Your donation will be used to:

Homeless Resource Cards, maintain and update the most holistic resource bank including information on Showers and Laundry, Hot Meals, and Severe Weather Shelters.

Job Skills and Training, we are committed to equipping individuals with the skills needed to apply for a job, interview for a job, and succeed in a job. We’ll develop these efforts as complete renovations to the Resource Center.

Operation of the Resource Center, designed to help the homeless by providing a day shelter where they can look for jobs, access mental health services, and find clothing and food.

Renovations to the Resource Center, including a complete remodel of the basement.

Showers and Laundry, our homeless friends can do laundry for free and take showers at a local church.

Severe Weather Shelter, provide a warm, safe space for adults experiencing homelessness to stay during the winter.


“Adults are living in cars or other places that are outside of what most would call habitable shelter. They need resources that can remind them of their inherent value and worth, like in person-to-person contact for support. They need resources that provide for their health and safety, like food and clothing. They need a warm and dry place to clean and rest so they can face the circumstances of their lives like employment and housing. Without these resources chronic homelessness will continue to increase,” says Darla Samuelson, Just Compassion Founder

"What do I like about it? It's the interaction with everybody," said Rowles, who has lived in his car for the last three years. "I'm homeless but I have a job,” comments Troy Rowles, visitor to Just Compassion

Via Tigard Times article

For Pam May, it's a cause that is deeply personal: For five years, she was homeless herself. She said she lost her job after missing time due to a medical issue for which she did not have health insurance, and she ended up losing her home and being forced out onto the streets. Just Compassion invited her to participate to give a voice to the homeless after she started coming to its meetings, and eventually, she was accepted into a program that allowed her to move into her own apartment. She has been in housing for five years now, she said.

Rev. Sherilyn Wilson

“The people were so thankful and full of gratitude and so kind and warm and friendly,” she said. “One thing that I’ll never forget were two guys who stayed after and helped us clean for 45 minutes. When I said thank you to them they totally turned it back. They thanked me for providing this for them. To me, that really showed that sense of community. We are all in this together.”


You will know that you are contributing to a non-profit that spends money wisely. Your donation might be used to prepare a meal for 10 homeless individuals, renovations to the basement in the Resource Center or career resources for our clients.

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